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Steel Wok

From £250.00

A steel wok for the Girse outdoor BBQ

Steak pan and wok:

All chefs know that plain steel is the best for roasting. The pan and wok are made of 3.7 mm thick carbon steel. Both accessories enjoy great popularity with our customers, not least because they can be used with any kind of firewood and/or charcoal without the flavour of the grilled food being affected. Fried potatoes and pancakes turn crispy brown and if the temperature is kept high, the pores close quickly, keeping food tender and juicy.

Getting Started for Using Steak Pan and WOK:

Before the first use, wash off the protective film of oil. Cooking fat/oil should be applied so that there is a film across the whole surface of the pan / wok. Distribute raw potato slices evenly and sprinkle with a teaspoon of salt. Heat for about 10 minutes until the pan / wok begins to darken.

Turn the potato slices several times until dark brown. Please hold the pan / wok only with gloves on the handles.

When the pan is new, it is beneficial to cook potato or egg dishes, pancakes and breaded meats in plenty of oil or fat. The pan / wok will darken with use. Gradually, a smooth patina is created which prevents sticking and rust. The darker the pan / wok becomes, the better the frying will be.



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