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Pizza Oven

From £756.00

Pizza stone with lid.  Perfect for pizza enjoyment!

Available in two sizes.

Pizza stone with lid.

The lid will provide the heat from both sides which is necessary when cooking a pizza or a tarte flambee with various vegetable, meat and sauce toppings. Within the lid there is a second firebrick, which, when fully heated up, provides enough heat for perfect pizza.

The function of the firebrick is to absorb heat, store it and then release it over a period of time.

In order to heat up the pizza stone, including the lid, the assembly should be positioned only partly within the combustion chamber of the fireplace with a fiercely blazing fire. The heat will then be able to flow around the lower stone to reach the upper stone.

Note: With the pizza stone fully within the combustion chamber, the lower brick can completely block the heat radiation from the fire and the firebrick in the lid will not reach the required temperature!

Depending on the intensity of the fire, heating up the stone can take 20 to 30 minutes or longer.

Once both of the firebricks are fully heated and you are ready to cook, swing the pizza stone out of the combustion chamber and insert the pizza between the stones. Keep an eye on the baking process and in 3 to 5 minutes, your pizza should be ready.

Note: if the stone is placed over the fire during baking, the bottom of the pizza base may burn.

If you want to bake another pizza, repeat the heating up procedure ( the time to reach cooking temperature will be less than heating the stone from cold ).

TIP: Practice with small pizzas at first.

Pizza stone without lid

The pizza stone without lid is ideal for the preparation of thin pancakes, crepes etc. that will cook with intense heat on one side only.

The firebrick is heated up by swinging it over the fire and leaving in place for several minutes.

The pancake is then cooked in the same way as when using a pan.



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