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An increasing number of people choose to live in multi-storey buildings. And, at the same time, we experience a mushrooming of balconies all across the urban scene. As, though you may live in the city, this should not prevent you from enjoying outdoor life. An outdoor life is synonymous with the experience of gathering around the barbecue.

Very frequently, urban balconies and open fire is a prohibited combination, however. And, unless you are the owner of a jumbo-sized balcony, a classical grill certainly takes up considerable space of the sparse outdoor area.

The ambition behind the Morsø Balcone was the development of a grill that would provide access for everyone – including urban dwellers – to the enjoyment of the specific togetherness arising when grilling. Using electricity rather than coal or gas and by optimising the shape of the product so as to match the specific situation, we have designed a grill that will meet this particular ambition.

Balcone represents a design that creates balance between a modern product for a modern way of life and the authenticity and honesty we associate with Morsø as well as the aspect of grilling.

Color: Dark anthracite grey
Material: Aluminium cabinet with cast iron grilling grid
Dimensions: H176 x B451 x D270 mm / Open Grill H445 mm / Grill area 300×200 mm
Weight: 9 kg
Effect: 1800 W
Cord: 1500 mm


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